Sarah G.

“I’m so glad my husband and I found Dr. Fox.”


Michele L.

“Dr. Fox makes you feel comfortable and relaxed while taking all your pains away!”


26 year old female

“I had been diagnosed with sciatica in college and would get bad flare ups that would last months on end. It made it hard to sit in classes and my job required a lot of driving, giving me very painful drives. Before I started seeing Dr. Fox, I was taking OTC pain meds for months to allow myself to get through the day, but I was having to take more and more to make my back feel better. Then I found Dr. Fox. My boyfriend introduced us. I have been under her care for (I have no idea how long) and I’ve seen some amazing changes! I’ve only had one flare-up of my sciatica and it went away in a couple of days. I stand up straighter, my drives and long classes no longer cause me back pain. My shoulders aren’t bricks anymore!”

Brian L.

“Fast, friendly, and effective treatment to spinal alignment problems. We called Teja after a 6 hour car ride left my wife unable to stand or walk. 30 minutes later, we were back to our weekend fun. Can't say enough GREAT things about her miracle service, WHICH COMES TO YOU. Best idea ever!”

Nick N.

“Dr. Fox is the best! She takes the time to understand each patient, their particular issues, and makes sure they're taken care of. It's wonderful to have such a caring chiropractor that comes to your home at a time that's convenient for you.”

Piper S.

37 year old female

“Dr. Fox is an amazing doctor! She takes the time to understand, not just your symptoms, but also your environment. Her recommendations for exercises, products and modifications are always thoughtful and practical. I love the mobile clinic! Dr. Fox comes to my home where I am comfortable and relaxed. Without question, this is the best chiropractic experience I have ever had….I would certainly recommend Dr. Fox. In fact, I already have! She’s seen several of my friends and family, and they have benefited from her warm and conscientious care…I had been to a traditional Chiropractor in an office prior to seeing Dr. Fox (for neck pain, migraines and pain in my knee…sometimes for migraines there was nothing I could do but lay down with an icepack and hope to get to sleep. The knee injury limited my mobility). A friend of mine spoke glowingly about Dr. Fox and her mobile clinic. I have been under her care since August, 2012, and throughout that time I have noticed steady improvement in both my neck and my leg. The Activator® feels much more gentle on my neck than the traditional chiropractic adjustment does. She saw me though my knee injury, and my leg today feels much more stable. I feel physically better after being under her care.”


69 year old female

“Initially I was dealing with lower back pain. Later, I developed severe pain in my left leg. The back pain prevented me from doing many household jobs. The leg pain made it very painful going up and down stairs; and I live in a two story house! Before learning about Dr. Fox, I had only used over the counter pain medicines. I assumed the main issue was related to getting older. At some point I heard that the Activator Method she uses was a gentle process. That appealed to me. I found Dr. Fox, and have been under her care since 2012. The leg pain turned out to be the femur out of alignment. After a couple of adjustments the pain has been gone for nine months. The lower back pain is relieved by regular adjustments. Dr. Fox has adjusted a sore wrist on a few occasions as well as helping sinus issues. I have been impressed with her thorough assessments, her kindness, caring and gentle hands.”


65 year old female

“As a result of chronic pain and discomfort for at least 2 years, I felt my life was going to be limited in many ways. My daily life was impacted by such severe pain that my work was becoming a problem and my free time was becoming unenjoyable. Before seeing Dr. Fox, I sought out treatments from a doctor of Physical Medicine, acupuncture, and biofeedback to help control my symptoms. Then I ended up seeing Dr. Fox after I received a very good referral from a client. I was under her care for four months during which time I felt I was on the road to wellness. Dr. Fox was kind, patient and sensitive to my problems and suggested other ways to help maintain my healthy balance.”